Any Story.  Any Mission.  Anywhere on Earth.

If you can dream it up, we can figure out how to pull it off.

From data acquisition over critical infrastructure to the most remote peaks in the Alaska range, we’ve captured data and created powerful content that helps our clients work their magic.  We live for that moment when pictures and sound are combined just so, to create something that moves an audience.  We’re closet-perfectionists, who strive to capture only the best data.  We are Lightforce Media.  Let us know how can we help you.



Doing a design study on a piece of property? Design on reality with photogrammetry and a point cloud:

Lightforce Media can create meshes, DTMs, and DEMs that are precise and accurate. Below are 5 foot majors and 1 foot minors over a DEM shaded for elevation.


From fixed wing platforms that can capture 1000s of acres a day to top shelf cinema camera packages and specialized solutions for carrying exotic payloads, Lightforce Media has the tools and the expertise to get the data you need.