TELLURIDE, CO – Lightforce Media has been working with Telluride-based Avlaed, LLC to fuse terrestrial 3D point clouds with aerial point clouds captured by UAS.  Terrestrial LiDAR provides unparalleled accuracy and precision in creating point clouds, but the instrument is limited to the height of the tripod that it is standing on.  Capturing all of the external surfaces of a neighborhood would require dozens of scan locations and days of field time.  Yet, by using a UAS, all of the necessary data can be captured in just a few flights.

The UAS flys a pre-programmed grid mission that has the onboard camera take photos at fixed intervals.  Once all of the photos have been taken, a computer program uses a mind-bogglingly complex algorithm to infer geometry from the photos, in a process called photogrammetry.  The end result is a point cloud from a bunch of photos.

When the LiDAR and Photogrammetry point clouds are combined, the end result is point cloud that features the best parts of each capture process.  Aerial photogrammetry provides easy access to spots that would be hard to capture with terrestrial LiDAR, and LiDAR provides millimeter accurate data and density on the surfaces that really matter.

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