EXPERIENCE – It matters:

Lightforce Media, LLC is a Section 333 and Part 107 approved UAS operator.  We were first in line to get our Part 107 exemption, and we’ve put in for all of the waivers we can, so stay tuned!  We’ve been flying drones for years, and we’ve been flying them all over North America in every type of weather and environment that we can safely fly in.  We know how to nail those cinematic shots that wow your audience.  We know how to obtain valuable survey data. We provide the best UAS service out there.

ORIGINS – The Story:

Lightforce Media was created to follow a life’s passion.  A passion for using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to obtain data from the air.  Pictures, videos, remote sensing, you name it – UAS can be used in so many ways.  From the deserts of Arizona to the Mountains of Alaska, and countless points in between we’ve packed our drones and our cameras.  We’re up well before dawn and out in the snowstorm to get into position to get the shot at the right moment when subject, light, and composition come together to make something that resonates in the viewer’s soul.

We live for pulling off shots where the viewer wonders “how on earth did they do that?!”

Any Story. Any Mission. Anywhere On Earth.

DOING THE RIGHT THING – Our Promise to You:

Lightforce Media strives to deliver world class services to our clients.  That means using quality equipment, that does what we say it will, operated by pilots who are knowledgeable, professional, and are eager to work with your team to realize your dreams.


Street artists know what’s up. We live to find out what’s around the bend, and for the adventure that happens off the beaten path.