Because there are billions of ‘blogs’ out there, but there aren’t many ‘blags.’


My hobby isn’t to mispronounce words.  But I do need to give a nod to XKCD, which is the source of the word ‘blag,’ and so many other great things.  This webcomic is so brilliant, and so on-point with so many things that we face in life that it’s creator was able to quit his job at NASA (!) and work on XKCD full time.  Let me give you a few more examples of the brilliance that is XKCD:

Anyone else ever noticed this?


Sometimes, I read the comments on YouTube, just to feel thankful that I have an education – and an understanding of history.


Fact: The internet is always right.


XKCD has been this little part of the internet that I’ve really enjoyed following over the years.  As I begin my journey as a full time UAS pilot, I hope to build into another part of the internet were folks can go to be entertained, inspired, and just enjoy what a wonderful thing our world is.

All images: XKCD.