Eli and Jamie are two of the most wonderful humans that I know.  They’re some of the nicest, friendliest, and just all around good people that you ever will meet.  When Eli and Jamie asked me to take engagement photos of them, I was honored to help out.  Here are some of the photos we came up with.  Enjoy!

Eli and Jamie 15

The benefits of taking engagment photos after a snowstorm: You can make a heart-shaped snowball. I love this shot

Eli and Jamie 1

It was cold out when we took these photos, but you couldn’t tell from looking at their faces.

Eli and Jamie 23

Eli and Jamie.

Eli and Jamie 28

Flagstaff had just received nearly three feet of snow, and we took full advantage of that.

Eli and Jamie 33

The clouds from the departing storm make an environment where it was hard to take a bad photo.

Eli and Jamie 39

Eli and Jamie did a great job in the snow and the cold, and I’m so excited for them! Here’s wishing them all the best!